Campaign for Peace and Democracy

The Campaign for Peace and Democracy was established in New York City 1982, and promoted a non-militaristic foreign policy for the United States, while collaborating with social justice movements. This organization opposed the Cold War, calling for a “détente from below”. It involved Western activists in defense of the democratic dissidents’ rights in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and enlisted human rights activists from the Eastern bloc against US anti-democratic policies in countries like Nicaragua and Chile.

Currently, this organization defends the existence of a new non-militaristic foreign policy by the United States, which encourages democracy and social justice, promoting peace movements and activists around the world. It opposes the existing American foreign policy, which is based on domination, militarism and support for authoritarian regimes. Many Americans argue that their country’s foreign policy, mainly the so-called “War of Terror”, serves to strengthen dictatorships or terrorism, around the world.